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There’s a dog at work today who is a real life deviantart oc. He’s a border collie with long blonde 90s surfer dude bangs and it’s the most amazing thing I’ve seen since I started this job.

Nature is a wonder.


I was being 100% serious.

… I wanna pet that dog >.>

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CollegeHumor Exclusive: "Weird Al" Yankovic Music Video: FOIL (Parody of "Royals" by Lorde)

Like any budding comedy lovers with a boom box or basic cable, we grew up loving Weird Al Yankovic. So when he asked us to help him make the music video for “Foil” (a parody of “Royals”) off Al’s new album, Mandatory Fun, we agreed. Actually, we high-fived each other, threw up from excitement, composed ourselves and agreed.

Over a few marvelous weeks in February and March, our writers and producers worked with Al to bring his “Foil” video to life. Here is the result in all its Yankovician magnificence, featuring cameos from Patton Oswalt, Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, as well as CH alumni Elaine Carroll and Andrée Vermeulen.

See behind-the-scenes photos here.

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And like it or not, more and more women are gamers, just like you and I. So instead of completely dismissing their concerns, maybe, just maybe, take a little more time to listen to what they feel, why they feel they’ve been mostly marginalized in games.

I look forward to games that take more time building their female personalities, rather than just using them as tools or helpers that throw you things, and you should too. Because frankly, that’s gonna lead to
more interesting stories, opportunities and new experiences.

And honestly, guys, we’re
gonna have our stripper mini-games and our princess-savers, so why not campaign alongside them to see more mature games rise for everyone else as well?

Video game reviewer Angry Joe giving his rant about the response to Anita Sarkeesian’s videos discussing female tropes in video games. [ x ]

Right on the fucking ball!

"So take a breather and realise it’s perfectly fine for women to ask questions - to criticise pointless and exploitative material, and to look forward to more games that elevate their gender, women, to more than goals or objects to be won or saved, and into legitimate heroes in their own right.

And, after all that, if you still don’t get it, bro, and you think she should die and every feminist with her - it’s because, number one, you’re a fucking idiot. Number two, you couldn’t give a shit about anyone but yourself. And, number three, outside your mother, you’ve never had to actually care about what other women think or feel.”

I found his little speech to be incredibly motivating and well spoken. I really like and respect the man, so this made me like him and respect him even more.

Really nice to see a games reviewer as popular as Angry Joe talk about this kind of thing. :>